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  • Date:2020-10-16

CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Tender Invitation

 Contract of Affreightment

Local Time 16:00, 16th Oct, 2020

Dear Sirs, 

Please propose constructive offers for our long-term requirements as follows unless otherwise agreed: 

AGE:18 years Max.
Period:One (1) year with one (1) more year in Charterers' option. 
Trade Area:AG to Far East Asia (Singapore-Japan range) 
                     WAF to Far East Asia (Singapore-Japan range) 
                   USG to Far East Asia (Singapore-Japan range) 
                    (Singapore-Japan range including South Korea, China, OPL HK, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia)

C/P : ASBA II together with 2007 CPC Clauses 

Please send your firm offers, vessel's Questionnaire-88 and other supportive documents through e-mail (chartering@cpc.com.tw) by 17:30 30th Oct, 2020 Taipei Time. Each broker can send up to 2 offers. 

For your information, our counter procedure will be in compliance with the Government Procurement Law of the Republic of China, and award the tender to the ship with the most competitive freight rate, terms & conditions, but reserve the rights not to award any offer. 

Many thanks for your attention. 

Best regards, 
CPC Chartering Team 

(Contact Person:Gary Liu – TEL: 886-2-8725-9548 ; MOB : 886-0932-301-017)