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  • Date:2021-09-09
  • Publisher:Liam Hsiao
  • Contact Information:+886287259528

Sep. 10 ,2021


We, CPC Corporation, Taiwan, is planning to review our panel of shipping brokers, assisting CPC’s chartering business effective from Jan 1st 2022 till Dec 31st 2023 , based on the following:


  1. A legitimate ship brokering firm registered under the laws of its country and is able to present an adequate certificate.
  2. Adequate experience in chartering or brokering the fixture of VLCC, SUEZMAX ,AFRAMAX and MR with evidence of no less than total 30 fixtures within last three(3)months.
  3. Having good record and reputation in the chartering / brokering business.
  4. Information as required in the Broker Questionnaire.


Please contact the following in case of queries if any:

Chartering Team

Supply and Trading,

CPC Corporation, Taiwan

No.3 Songren Road,

Shinyi District,

11010, Taipei,

Taiwan, R.O.C.


Telephone:(886)2 8725 9528

e-mail     :ops@cpc.com.tw


Application, including the completed Broker Questionnaire, should be submitted to CPC Chartering Team via mail or by courier latest by 2400 hours Taipei time on Sep. 24th, 2021.

For confidentiality purposes, all the information provided by the applicants shall be kept private and confidential. The selection of the panel brokers shall be subject to CPC’s full discretion without public announcement. The selected qualified shipbrokers shall be notified by CPC on individual basis .CPC shall be always free from any claims and obligations for rejecting the application without explanation.