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CPC VLCC T/C Tender Invitation

CPC VLCC T/C Tender Invitation

Tender Invitation

Time:LT 16:00, 15th JUN., 2018

Dear Sirs,

Please propose, by 2359 29th JUN., 2018 Taipei Time, constructive offer for our T/C requirement as follows:

  1. Size: VLCC 
  2. Cargo/Grade: No Heat Crude / Maximum 4 grades within vessel’s natural segregation if more than 2 grades, texaco compatibility clause to apply
  3. Delivery: 1 safe port ex AG or Taiwan, CHOPT, after pre-charter marine inspection of charterers’ representative and after on-hire bunker survey
  4. Re-Delivery: 1 safe port DLOSP (Drop Last Outbound Sea Pilot) CHOPT
  5. Laycan: October to December, 2018 to be narrowed to 2 days CHOPT
  6. Period: Straight 3 years
  7. Trading Area: Worldwide
  8. Hull/Age of vessel: D/H; 2010 built onward for straight 3 years
  9. Address commission: 2.5%
  10. Charterers' Management Approval and Port Authority Approval: 15 working days
  11. Charter Party Form: Shell Time 4 2003 version with amendment and CPC additional clauses + CPC Riders to Time Charter Party 2013 revised  
  12. Approval: Oil Major Approvals inclusive of Chevron、Total、Shell、BP、Exxon major inspection
  13. No drydocking schedule during T/C period (at least for the first T/C year) except in case of emergency or class requirements.

Owners to provide the following along with the offer:

  1. Q88
  2. Oil major approval
  4. ISSC certificate (With CSO+SSO info.)
  5. Vessel's dry-docking schedule
  6. Speed and Bunker Consumption
  7. Vessel's H&M Value
  8. Last 3 cargoes
  9. Itinerary
  10. 10. Sire Report & Owners responses to inspectors regarding the deficiencies

Special Request:

  1. The Vessel, prior to, during or after discharge, has to clear Single Buoy Moorings’ floating hoses by pumping sea water or Vessel's clean ballast water through them.
  2. Vessel is required to keep using HSFO for bunker during whole charter period while fully complying with relevant regulations including IMO MARPOL Annex VI which is scheduled to be effective from 2020. Please provide details of the technology intended to be used to meet this requirement.

 Please send your firm offers with all parties involved [max TWO(2) each broker] and fill in the two forms as attached re all details of vessel through Email LASTEST by 2359 hours Taipei time on JUN 29th, 2018. Late offers will not be considered.

For your information, our counter procedure will be in compliance with the Government Procurement Law of the Republic of China, and award the tender to the ship with the most competitive freight rate, terms & conditions, but reserve the rights not to award any offer. Thank you for the attention and owners' constructive offer is highly appreciated.

Best regards, 
Liam Hsiao 
Shipping Department 
Supply and Trading Division 
CPC Corporation, Taiwan 
E-Mail: Email me 
Tel: +886-2-8725-9528 
Mob: +886-972-202239 
Fax: +886-2-8789-9009 
ICE : lhsiao 
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