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CPC Corporation Taiwan

Careers with CPC

Careers with CPC

Careers with CPC

CPC is a conscientious employer

CPC currently employs a total of 16,298 people. The company endeavors to bring out the potential of its employees through long-term training and career development. In addition we strive to improve employee welfare and work incentives by offering life-long learning subsidies, maternity and paternity leave, paid annual vacation, payment for overtime and a pleasant, safe and secure working environment. We believe that happy people make a company remarkable.

A strong code of ethics

CPC's Standards of Business Conduct govern its employment practices. These standards embody our commitment to provide equal employment opportunities, to prohibit harassment and discrimination in the workplace and to alignment with applicable laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. Any form of discrimination by or towards employees, contractors, suppliers and customers throughout CPC's working environment is strictly prohibited.

CPC is committed to talent development...

Our company has been continuously engaged  in organizational and process re-engineering in recent years, to optimize use of its human capital resources.  Versatile talents are nurtured through job rotation and there is ongoing recruitment of young professionals, both with the objective of an overall upgrading of our peoples'  competence and competitiveness. To achieve its growth targets, the company offers management and leadership development training to help senior executives realize their full potential. 

CPC English training course

...through training and the encouragement of learning

In its recruitment and selection process, CPC  takes not only professional qualifications but also personal character and achievements into consideration. At the same time the  company is strengthening on-the-job training at all levels,   enhancing professional skills and developing multi-skilled employees so as enable   the optimal utilization of human resources. A College of Petroleum has been established to develop and integrate training systems. CPC encourages employees to participate in examinations leading to national skills qualifications and helps them obtain required professional certification in such fields as occupational safety and  environmental protection. In line with the needs arising from our company's transformation process, a second-skill training program has been introduced.  In addition, employees are chosen on a regular basis to go abroad for advanced study, research, internship or to participate in seminars that relate to the various needs of the business.

CPC's College of Petroleum develops industry skills

The College of Petroleum's mission is  to enhance the skills capacity of the company's core professional staff and maintain continuity: every year a large number of employees retire and it is vital that new entrants succeed in accessing the company's core professional knowledge and collective business experience. To this end, four departments have been established:  refining, exploration and production, marketing and engineering. Each course is divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels; academics, industry professionals and in-house experts are invited to share their knowledge and experience with course participants. CPC also sends its high-achievers to study abroad. 

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