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Social Care

Social Care

Social Care

CPC’s Social Care Events in 2014:

In early 2014, we held the Winter Pass-Warmth Activity. The instructor and members of CPC Fine Arts Club provided more than 70 works and within one month, all the paintings and works were subscribed. In the future, CPC will continue promoting charity work for a more harmonious and peaceful society.

The Winter Pass-Warmth to the Minority Activity in Miaoli Area was held by CPC’s Exploration & Production Business Division from January 7~8, 2014. Caring condolences were sent to Jinshuei Elementary School, Qiao Le Elementary School, Jingshan Elementary School in Choulan Township, St. Francis Xavier Home for Children and Juvenile and Charity Association at Hou-Long Township, Ruihu Elementary School at Shihu Township, Joy Student Association and the Pink Panther Caring Society.

The chairperson, Jing Huang of CPC’s Women Association in Petrochemical Business Division led the members to visit Children’s home, Orphanage located at Nanzhou Township in Pingtung County and donated materials and money from the division as well as the materials collected by chairperson Hsu in Taipei to support them.

Over the years, CPC has responded to the service philosophy of “donating blood to save lives” at blood donation centers nationwide and regularly organize blood donation activities annually. As of April, 2014, the total number of people donating blood reached 3,070 while the volume of blood donated reached 1,042,000 cc.

In 2014, the tree planting activity was different from the past. We added the “three generations joint planting” spirit, hoping to pass down the concept of environmental protection and caring for the Earth from generation to generation, and to truly implement carbon reduction, energy conservation for the earth.

After the successful Clean-up Activity at the beach and in the mountains in spring and autumn in 2013, CPC once again organized the “Care for the nature, clean our earth” activity on May 10, 2014. It was held in 10 places in Taiwan, including Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Hualien.

In order to promote the sales of onions, Linyuan District Office and CPC Petrochemical Business Division co-organized an Onion Festival, “2014 promotional activity to promote onions as well as the health in the community” on February 22, 2014 at the plaza in the night market in Linyuan District.

To care for the disadvantaged and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, the Women Association in Dalin Refinery visited the Christian Mountain Children’s House in Liouguei District in the morning on May 24, 2014 to send their care and condolences, using actual actions to show our concern and feedback to the community.

To care those losing parents and those intellectually challenged and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, Quanling Wu, Vice Chairperson of the Women Association from HQ (also President Paul, Lie-Way Chen’s wife), and Li-cong Wu, Chairperson of Women Association in Kaohsiung Refinery led more than 20 members to visit Bethany Home in Pingtung to express our concern and presented livelihood supplies to send warmth and love.

The Green Giant Dragon Creativity Summer Camp in 2013 received praises. On July 21, 2014, CPC once again launched the summer camp to lead the children to “Meet the Future”.

CPC has long been creating a “Restroom culture”, and the staff and managers at all levels attach great importance on the environment cleaning and maintenance of the restrooms. Our “Restroom culture” is our commitment to all our consumers for a delicate and quality service (excellent restrooms).

At the time when all the people in Taiwan were worrying about the food safety issues and when the government agencies were racking their brains, CPC, as a state-owned enterprise and the leading energy corporation, integrated the upstream, midstream and downstream companies in the overall oil supply chain and invited the biomass energy firms and food industry operators to jointly set up a reliable platform for the disposal of waste cooking oil.

In addition to the social care activities, CPC also constantly strengthens the establishment of coexistence and co-prosperity with the local communities. For years, we have been continuously and actively working on feeding back to the residents, helping local development, sponsoring cultural and educational activities, providing emergency assistance, greening the community, providing jobs to local residents, encouraging subcontractors to hiring locals, and inviting residents join the community networking.