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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development


Sustainable Development

Environmental protection has always been an element of prime importance in the way our company conducts its business, and the results of our efforts in that field have been universally praised. Progress driven by new thinking has brought sustainability to a position of great conceptual importance in the worldwide environmental protection movement… and in conformity with the global trend towards greater environmental protection, our company has dedicated much effort to promoting and facilitating projects that aim at achieving sustainability:

I. Sustainable Development was made an item of company policy in 2003.

II. Became a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in 2006 and following that our goals became: to meet global standards; to establish a model for business management; and to achieve sustainability. We hope that our sustainability-focused business model can become the standard for all business enterprises in Taiwan.

III. Upgraded the Committee for the Promotion of Sustainable Development (the Committee) to a higher organizational level in 2007.The Committee is led by CPC’s Chairperson as Chairman and CPC's President as the Vice Chairman; all CPC Vice Presidentsand the chief executive officers of CPC’s five business divisions form the Committee membership. This Committee has four subcommittees: Environment and Conservation; Social Consciousness; Policy and Research & Development; and Environmental Accounting and Information. With the spirit of “global sustainability” in mind, CPC is dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities… and our ultimate goal is two-fold - building a reputable corporate image and achieving sustainability.

VI. To highlight our company’s emphasis on sustainability, we have hired four professionals from outside CPC to be external members of the Committee charged with supervising CPC’s work in promoting sustainable development.

V. The Committee meets three times a year and is dedicated to promoting sustainability. All of its work and results are published in CPC’s annual Sustainable Development reports.