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CPC's "World Toilet Day" Cleanup Campaign "CPC stations, near to convenience"

19 Nov 2021


CPC has promoted the culture of public toilets for many years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, public toilets have been opened for consumers to use, which has been recognized and praised by many people. This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of World Toilet Day on November 19, 2021. There are more public toilets at gas stations directly operated by CPC obtained premium evaluation, so today (19), the staff of all direct-operated stations and franchise stations in Taiwan are connected in series, led by Acting Chairman and President Shun-chin Lee to clean the public toilets of gas stations, and jointly respond to the theme activities of World Toilet Day. CPC invites everyone to "CPC stations, near to convenience" and let the world see Who cares about toilets? CPC cares!


On November 19, World Toilet Day is an international day of commemoration adopted by the United Nations. It encourages governments and organizations to plan actions to solve sanitation problems, and mobilizes and participates in joint social media and publicity activities every year to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 6. (SDGs 6)-"Ensure everyone has access to clean water and sanitation and its sustainable management."


Prior to the promotion and appeal of toilet hygiene by the World Toilet Organization and the United Nations, CPC promoted the culture of public toilets for nearly half a century. Since 1976, it has fully allowed the public to use of gas station toilets; it was listed in the Environmental Protection Agency’s public toilets in 1990; Public Toilets Cultural Forum was held in 2003, emphasizing human-oriented toilet space, creating a clean toilet environment, promoting citizen toilet culture, and enhancing urban civilization; in 2017, public toilets were upgraded and constructed to prevent toilet paper from landing to prevent the spread of vector bacteria; During the nationwide level 3 alert period of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, when public toilets across Taiwan were closed due to the epidemic, CPC firmly stepped up cleaning and disinfection, opening the door to convenience for people on the move. After years of hard work, the public toilets of CPC gas stations have become the most convenient first choice for people on the move. The franchised station operators have joined hands to provide the public with a high-quality toilet environment.


Today’s "World Toilet Day-CPC stations, near to convenience!" The public toilet cleaning mobilization event was held at the Neihu gas station in Taipei. CPC’s Acting Chairman and President Shun-chin Lee, led the heads of various units to bend down to clean the public toilets and launched the "World Toilets Day" activity ceremony, the event called the Pan-CPC System's TSC Gas Station, Oil Group Gas Station, Qian-yue Gas Station, Shan-long Gas Station, Song-yong Gas Station, Bei-ji Gas Station, Costco Gas Station and Evergreen Gas Station, etc., and mobilized 10 business branches, 1,899 CPC gas stations, and more than 5,000 employees and franchisees in Taiwan.


Mr. Shun-chin Lee said that as a sustainable ESG enterprise and a member of the world’s citizens, CPC will integrate internationally and will not be absent from the annual World Toilet Day activities in the future. It will continue to join hands with partners and grassroots employees to clean public toilets for the public. The service does its best to deepen the public toilet culture with full participation, create valuable public toilets "Valuing Toilets", and lead franchisees to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities and achieve sustainable development goals. In conjunction with the "World Toilet Day" event, CPC’s official Facebook fan page held a "Like the "Convenient" gas station public toilet in your mind" Lucky Lottery. People are welcome to search CPC’s official Facebook fan page from November 19th to 23rd to participate in the World Toilet Day event, and it is hoped that through the sharing of the people, the whole Taiwan will know "CPC stations, near to convenience," and let the world see Taiwan cares about toilets!