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Marketing to the World From Taiwan CPC, TDK, and ETERNALERGY enters MOU of CPC brand battery partnership

Marketing to the World From Taiwan CPC, TDK, and ETERNALERGY enters MOU of CPC brand battery partnership

6 June 2018

To make the transformation into smart green gas stations, CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC), TDK Corporation (TDK), and ETERNALERGY from Taiwan entered cooperation with MOU at 3 PM today (21st of May) at the CPC Building. The three parties began a joint venture for branding CPC electric scooter batteries in Southeast Asian markets. CPC is claiming to align with national energy transformation policy, make the most of its R&D capacity, and build up its image as a green economy leader.

The MOU was signed by Shigenao Ishiguro, CEO of TDK, Liu Tien-tsai, chairman of ETERNALERGY, and Lee Shun-chin, GM of CPC, and witnessed by He Mei-yueh, National Policy Advisor to the President; Shen Jung-chin, Minister of Economic Affairs; Li Yi-te, Chief of Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government; and Tai Chien, Chairman of CPC.

In line with the government's three-phase electric vehicle promotion policy and the transformation towards new energy companies and green energy development, Mr. Tai Chien led a visit to Japan in February this year. Aimed at investigating advanced new energy technologies and seeking partners in future, Mr. Tai paid a trip to TDK Japan.

Founded in 1935 and focused on the production of electronic components, TDK has been in operation for 83 years and has world top market share products, including recording tapes and disk drives. Facing the trend of green energy, it has been developing finished battery goods and battery cells in recent years. It plans to develop sensors and power solutions in the future. Its transformation efforts and progress are good lessons for CPC to learn.

Mr. Takehiro Kamigama, President of TDK, has made over 50 trips here and accumulated a wide knowledge about Taiwan. Mr. Shigenao Ishiguro, CEO of TDK, who came to sign the MOU has deep faith in CPC's anode material R&D capacity and the value of smart green energy charging stations. He is to help CPC in developing highly competitive electric scooter batteries. As a counterpart, CPC is to contribute to this effort by integrating TDK's advanced technology in the electronic components field and use its experiences in transforming batteries.

CPC Chairman Mr. Tai expressed that after entering this MOU, all three parties will work further to form a preparatory team to integrate the strengths of each party. CPC may provide anode material, e.g. LTO and soft carbon; TDK may offer battery research, manufacturing and relevant technology; and ETERNALERGY may add its smart battery management technology to joint develop green energy charging stations and electric scooter batteries. It is expected to set up joint venture for branding CPC batteries in Southeast Asia and global markets.