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New environment protection drive for the next generation

New environment protection drive for the next generation

New environment protection drive for the next generation

Maiden voyage of CPC 21 and CPC 22 by CPC from Kaohsiung, the two 1,999-ton electric motor driven oil barges by joint efforts of Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore

18 May 2018

Aiming at better environmental protection, energy saving, and carbon reduction, CPC Corporation Taiwan (CPC) has worked with contractors at Singapore and Vietnam to build two 1,999-ton electric motor driven oil barges, CPC 21 and CPC 22, at a shipyard in Singapore. Being the first power driven vessels of capacity above 500 tons, both feature a double-skinned hull (to minimize risk of oil leak) and oil storage capacity up to 2,700 tons (to service even bigger vessels). After the inauguration ceremony today by Tai Chein, the chairman, both shall start vessel fueling operations at the Port of Kaohsiung and kick off the new generation of green navigation service in Taiwan.

These two 1,999-ton electric motor driven oil barge underwent construction plan by end of 2013, contracted to TRIYARDS MARINE SERVICE, Singapore in 2016 at TWD367 million odd each. After being named and launched at V?ng Tàu Port, Vietnam in July 2017, both arrived at Kaohsiung Port beginning of this year. Officials from the Kaohsiung City Government and guests from local shipping industry came to the inauguration ceremony today were presented with their construction and launch photos and aerial videos and toured both vessels for their whole new structure to witness the historical moment in local navigation service industry.

Chairman Tai suggested in the ceremony that CPC is now offering vessel fueling services with 9 oil barges in four of the top 5 commercial ports in Taiwan, Keelung, Suao, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, except Hualien. Differing from conventional oil barges with propellers driven by engines, the new motor driven one is propelled by a motor with power by generator. This results in better propulsive force and, in turn, saves up to 29% fuel consumption. That is, 313 tons less CO2 emission per barge each year.

Fueling volume of Kaohsiung Port accounts for 63% of the top 5 commercial ports combined in Taiwan. Adding these two 1,999-ton electric motor-driven, double-skinned hull oil barges at Kaohsiung Port after their inauguration not only contributes in energy saving and carbon reduction but also benefits the port area air improvement program by the Kaohsiung City Government. In addition to the 2,700 tons of fuel storage compared to the 1,550 tons available now, both feature a mass flow meter to service vessels of larger tonnage with accurate metering. Thanks to its larger and faster fueling capacity the whole new electric motor driven oil barge will enable the overall development of Kaohsiung Port in the future, improve operation capacity and fueling efficiency, cut time required by vessels for fueling and docking, and thrive both the City and the Port with improved navigation performance, Mr. Tai said.

Aligning with the port area air pollution improvement policy of by Maritime Port Bureau, MOTC on vessels of international lines shall use fuel with Sulphur concentrations below 0.5% that will be effective from January 1, 2019; CPC began supplying maritime light diesel and heavy oil with Sulphur concentrations below 0.5% in February this year. It is making another three 499-ton double-skinned hull oil barges (non-electric) with two stationed at Keelong and one at Kaohsiung for vessel fueling operations.

These two 1,999-ton electric motor driven oil barges are the first ship building construction projects contracted to manufacturers abroad. By combining the efforts of hundreds of engineers from Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam, this showcased another of CPC's successful foreign ventures pursuing the New Southbound Policy, following the joint investment in "the Vietnam Hongyue Corp." with Unishine Chemical Corp. and Excel Chemical Corporation at the beginning of this year.