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CPC wins big in the Engineering Oscars: garners awards in the Facilities and Personal Contribution categories.

CPC wins big in the Engineering Oscars: garners awards in the Facilities and Personal Contribution categories.

5 March2018

The Public Construction Commission (PCC) held its 17th annual Public Construction Gold Medal Award ceremony on 21st December 2017. Marc W.H. Lin, Director of CPC’s Project & Construction Division, won the Gold Medal for Individual Contribution – a tribute to excellence at a personal level. This was not only the fourth time for him to be an award recipient, but also the first time that someone from CPC came out top in that category.

CPC was further honored when its Project & Construction Division’s construction package for the Dalin Refinery 12th kerosene hydride sulfurization plant project won the Facilities Engineering Excellence Award; and when its work on the Dalin plant’s 10th water and ultra-pure water equipment reunification project was similarly recognized.

At the ceremony was Premier William Lai, and in his speech he pointed out that these Gold Medal Awards were the highest-level honors in Taiwan’s engineering industry and so comparable to the Academy Awards – the Oscars - in the movie industry. In his opinion, high-grade public construction can serve as an expression of Taiwan’s capability in high-quality engineering. This in turn has the potential not only to burnish the reputation of the government agencies involved but also to become the flagship brand in winning overseas infrastructure business for Taiwan.

Premier Lai went on to say that President Tsai Ing-wen places a high value on national-scale and other major construction projects; and further, that she views expanded government spending as a significant driver of economic growth. By its involvement in that initiative, the engineering community can be a player in resolving the next generation’s infrastructure issues - and thereby boosting Taiwan's economy through the construction and development projects entailed. But…said the Premier, those major construction projects would have to be completed on time.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the Public Construction Commission emphasized that the high quality of Taiwan’s engineering is all due to the hard work of its technical professionals.

CPC’s Construction & Project Division has won many awards from the PCC and other government agencies in recent years, with some of its projects being repeat recipients. The honors include the Public Works Quality Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the PCC’s Gold Quality Award. On top of that, for three consecutive years the Division has won the Engineering Safety Unit award bestowed jointly by the Ministry of Labor and Kaohsiung City Government. Further successes include the Five Star Award for Promoting Occupational Health and Safety issued by the Ministry of Labor in 2017.

In his remarks as delegate of the Director of CPC”s Project & Construction Division, senior manager Mr Wang Shi-jie commented that for an engineering team to win an award is not easy – “they have to check all the details carefully and proceed step by step”. He continued “The potential for a project to receive an award starts at the very beginning with finding a good contractor, and then must take into account the quality of work, scheduling and a zero accident count during the design, construction and supervision phases”.

The chief engineer in CPC's Project and Construction Division, Chen Yiu-chuen, opined that there are good reasons why the company wins this award every year. Chief among them, he said, is that audit checks on contractors' work are conducted independently; and that the Division organizes three levels of strict quality control on engineering work, involving both the Division's staff and experts appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Thus it is that the culture of quality control is embedded in the Division's DNA, and this is key to building a winning team – one that is as disciplined as a military force - in Taiwan's engineering industry.

Although the aforementioned Dalin refinery construction package project winning the Facilities Engineering Excellence Award was a worthy achievement not easy to come by, the Division's Mr Wang still regrets that it did not gain the special award. Apparently this was due to the assessment feedback being negatively affected by some factors - like plant equipment storage scheduling, for example – in the Performance Testing category not being subject to control. In fact, subsequent to the competition the plant's end-product has cleared tests almost every time, indicating that its quality still matches up with the performance specifications in the original design.

CPC Project and Construction Division's Chief Engineer Chen and senior manager Mr Wang hope that their team will become the pride of the company as it continues developing engineering projects to high levels of quality.