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LPG Products

LPG Products


The products marketed by the LPG division are liquefied petroleum gas, propane, butane and a propane/butane mixture. They are sourced about equally from CPC refineries and from overseas suppliers. Consumption by households accounts for about 80% of the market, with the remainder divided between industrial customers and taxi operators.
The LPG division has supply contracts with 5 major sales agents, who cover the whole of Taiwan, and deals with them only. The products are distributed in bulk through these sales agents to refilling plants and local dealers and from there are distributed to the end-users. Gas for industrial users is transported by tank-trolleys to each customer’s plant and put into safe storage. Lastly, the gas intended for motor vehicles is transported to gas stations where users – principally taxi operators – can refill their tanks.

LPG refrigerated tanks


LPG vessel