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RBU Products

RBU Products

The following products are produced and sold directly by the Refining Business Division:

1. Rubber Processing Oil:aromatic-based rubber processing oil is used as a lubricator and softing agent in manufacturing tyres and as a raw material in the plastics, chemicals and rubber industries.

2. TDAE Rubber Processing Oil:treated distillate aromatic extract, aromatic-based rubber processing oil, is an environmentally- friendly product used in the production of tyres and rubber.
3. Slack Wax:this is a by-product of the lubricant production process. It can be further processed to remove oil, color and odors and produce a range of wax products.
4. Medium N-Paraffins Feedstock: this is typically a high-purity linear paraffins, hydro-treated kerosene, which in turn are mainly produced as intermediates in the production of detergent, plasticizer and similar materials.
The other products are produced by the Refining Business Division but sold by other business divisions:
1. Petroleum fuel products:Please refer to Fuel Oil.
2. Petrochemicals:Please refer to Petrochemical Products.
3. Solvents and Chemicals:Please refer to SNC Products.
4. LPG:Please refer to LPG Products.