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2019-12-11A double win for CPC: the Ministry of Culture's Arts and Business Award and 1111 Job Bank's Happy Business trophy
2019-11-25CPC is working on the development of high-value carbon materials, with a view to starting up a new, high-tech business
2019-11-19"Diamond water" from CPC's Yong-An LNG plant helps local fish farmers make more money
2019-11-18 CPC sponsored the 40th anniversary celebration of its subsidiary OPIC, in which there was sharing of its experiences in oil and natural gas exploration and production overseas
2019-11-18CPC's National Day float featured a whale, symbolizing Taiwan's green energy industry heading for global excellence
2019-10-14CPC is Taiwan's first flag-bearer in the prestigious ACES Awards
2019-10-01CPC, Taiwan issued Stage 1 unsecured bonds in 2019
2019-09-27"Heritage and common good" – The Training Center of CPC, Taiwan, celebrated the hundred thousandth seminar, inviting you to change the world by learning
2019-09-19The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Justice respond positively to the business community's suggestions for promoting industrial development
2019-08-02Taiwan's New Southbound Policy shows results again: CPC will soon begin importing LNG from Australia's Prelude offshore natural gas field
2019-07-19A ship carrying naptha to CPC came under attack in the Strait of Hormuz in June: Taiwan's supply of petrochemicals remains stable
2019-07-01To mark CPC's 73rd year: a promotion giving back to the consumer - get three times the points when you buy gas
2019-05-21CPC businesses jointly spread lasting joy by donating recycled computers to needy schools.
2019-05-13Conclusion of SPA for JERA-CPC Joint Purchase of LNG from the Mozambique LNG Project
2019-05-08CPC's Lubricants Business Division celebrates its 20th anniversary: "Thanksgiving and Renaissance at 20" is the theme"
2019-04-26CPC demonstrates in a practical way its commitment to the Earth Hour campaign to protect our planet.
2019-04-09CPC's smart green gas station project advances: its Tainan city site showcases multiple power supply and storage systems.
2019-04-08Dr. Jerry J. R. Ou takes over as Chairman at CPC Corporation, Taiwan
2019-03-05CPC to set up a representative office in India to seek investment opportunities
2019-03-04CPC launches its network of smart green gas stations with a demonstration site in Chiayi