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2020-10-08CPC Has Won Eight Prizes in the 17th National Brand Yushan Award, includes National First Prizes in Outstanding Enterprise and Best Product
2020-10-08CPC Double-wins in the Prestigious Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards
2020-09-30Fill up your gas tank at CPC, mobile payments accepted
2020-08-19CPC Corporation, Taiwan soccer team announcing to the world - “Here we are!”
2020-08-19The presentation of CPC new product – CPC Superfleet SP Motor Oil, the premium motor oil in the business
2020-05-15CPC Corporation, Taiwan endeavors to control air pollutant emission volume by importing equipment to help its inspection
2020-04-21CPC Corporation, Taiwan's first carbon neutral liquefied natural gas ship has arrived
2020-04-06The oil and gas quality of CPC Corporation, Taiwan surpasses CNS and exceeds European Union (EU) regulations
2020-03-09The gas station located at the highest altitude in Taiwan, Guanyuan Gas Station, resumed its service. The aroma of zongzi brings people happiness again.
2020-03-09Assured by multiple awards throughout the year, the CPC Corporation, Taiwan works to develop sustainably
2020-02-05CPC won "The No.1 Consumers' Ideal Gas Station Brand in Taiwan" for 15 consecutive years, scoring the new high of 80% in "consumers' mind share."
2020-02-04The opening ceremony of the Liaison Office of CPC Taiwan in India was held to announce its establishment and the creating of new opportunities of the New Southbound Policy
2020-01-31CPC's three research institutes presented research and development accomplishments through exhibition
2019-12-20The New Southbound Policy scores another win: CPC acquires a 40% farm-in share of the East Seram oil and natural gas field in Indonesia
2019-12-12Another success for the New Southbound Policy: CPC takes delivery of its first cargo of LNG from the Prelude natural gas field offshore Australia
2019-12-11A double win for CPC: the Ministry of Culture's Arts and Business Award and 1111 Job Bank's Happy Business trophy
2019-11-25CPC is working on the development of high-value carbon materials, with a view to starting up a new, high-tech business
2019-11-19"Diamond water" from CPC's Yong-An LNG plant helps local fish farmers make more money
2019-11-18 CPC sponsored the 40th anniversary celebration of its subsidiary OPIC, in which there was sharing of its experiences in oil and natural gas exploration and production overseas
2019-11-18CPC's National Day float featured a whale, symbolizing Taiwan's green energy industry heading for global excellence