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CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) is the foremost energy enterprise in the Republic of China.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

R&D and information management

Timely innovation - developing a solid foundation for corporate sustainability


Seeking high-value: strengthening research capacity and expanding technological capabilities

CPC is constructively engaged in R&D in its pursuit of technological innovation and sustainable development. This is evidenced by the establishment of a number of research bodies: the Exploration Research Institute in Miaoli; the Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute in Chiayi; and the Green Technology Research Institute and Material Testing & Certification Center in Kaohsiung.  Additionally there is the Institute of Energy Economics, responsible for research into a number of areas relevant to that subject; it lies within the headquarters Planning Department, which is charged with development and management of company-wide R&D operations.


The Exploration Research Institute is chiefly responsible for domestic and foreign geological assessments and drilling technology research. The Refining & Manufacturing Research Institute develops petrochemical products and lubricants while seeking solutions for production bottlenecks. The Green Technology Research Institute develops biofuels, green materials, and renewable energy technologies, while the New Materials Trial Production and Certification Center supports the MOEA's policies on adding value to petrochemical products by helping firms engaged in technology R&D to perform mass-production trials. The Energy Economics Research Center focuses on the economics of petroleum, gas and low-carbon fuel products and seeks to strengthen in-house economic know-how on the Company's oil and gas operations.


Information management: integrating online & offline channels for  mobile commerce

CPC's vision for information development includes free-flowing information over secured networks, precise real-time settlements, universal access to information and – most importantly - user-oriented and convenient services. Our goal is to feel the pulse of the market and embrace our customers’ needs. To realize this vision while upholding our strategic business goals and meeting the challenge of competition, our information development initiatives will emphasize the continued integration of corporate information systems, provision of real-time management decision-making information, expansion of our industry value chain through the integration of physical and virtual channels, establishment of customer relations management, expanding the scope of our high-quality services and promotion of knowledge management.


In conjunction with the overall growth of our businesses and the development of our core services, as well as web-based application upgrades, CPC HQ and the Refining Business Division completed the replacement of mainframes and peripheral devices in 2015. The new hardware and software technologies not only greatly enhance our computer system’s performance and reduce operation time, but also the upgraded infrastructure reinforces our remote backup policy for disaster recovery. The system therefore provides a guarantee for continuous operation and availability, and hence non-stop business transactions to facilitate future expansion. Our consistent use of cloud technology to implement staged virtualization of servers has significantly improved our business efficiency and enabled considerable cost-saving, as well as enabling consolidation of hardware and software resources and employing broadband networks to provide digital services,


In order to enhance network quality and service reliability, CPC continues to implement a diversified information service promotion program. Based on the existing transmission system and network-enabled environment, CPC's system combines mobile communications technology and services and is paving the way for a mobile e-commerce operating environment. Furthermore, in response to the Executive Yuan's Internet Protocol Upgrading Promotion Program to switch our existing fiber backbone network protocol to IPv6, CPC has already completed its upgrades in accordance with the prescribed timetable to meet the future needs of a next generation network.


Furthermore, CPC has also continued to improve the information systems needed for key tasks and is using information technology to improve data processing procedures. As a result, all customer accounts can be settled on the first day of each month; we are promoting an integrated e-commerce system for petroleum products along with improved filling station POS and multi-faceted marketing networks; we have established a petrochemical refining information system that integrates our production scheduling system with oil accounts; and we have established an exploration information system that integrates exploration management and a geographical information system.


Addressing the accelerating development of computerization, digitization, and globalization in the 21st century, CPC's information system development efforts will focus on corporate resource planning systems, customer relations management, corporate intelligence, knowledge management and information and communications infrastructure. With respect to systems, CPC will look to shortened settlement time and use information technology to boost production performance. As for services, we will rely on improved customer relations management to provide high-quality services to external customers, and will use our information service management system to supply real-time, transparent service management options to internal customers. In the case of corporate intelligence, we will apply knowledge management to consolidate our corporate intellectual capital, and promote a decision-making system encouraging the widespread use of information applications. In the area of information and communications, we will integrate our network services, strengthen our information infrastructure and mobile e-commerce communications services and continue to implement information and communications security measures. In the field of management, we will reinforce information organization in order to boost management performance, implement processes on an open platform by integrating IT resources, and continue to upgrade the enterprise's IT resources, processes, and frameworks in order to boost the Company's overall performance.