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2018-03-05 CPC wins big in the Engineering Oscars: garners awards in the Facilities and Personal Contribution categories. The Public Construction Commission (PCC) held its 17th annual Public Construction Gold Medal Award ceremony on 21st December 2017. Marc W.H. Lin, Director of CPC’s Project & Construction Division, won the Gold Medal for Individual Contribution – a tribute to excellence at a personal level. This was not only the fourth time for him to be an award recipient, but also the first time that someone from CPC came out top in...more

2018-02-09 Green Innovation: developing DINH CPC’s Refining and Manufacturing Research Institute wins the 14th National Innovation Award CPC’s Refining and Manufacturing Research Institute (RMRI), one of the key elements in its R&D Department, has come up with a novel approach to a problem - one that won it the 14th National Innovation Award in December 2017.

2018-01-18 A sweet deal: CPC sells tangerines at its gas stations to help Taiwan’s growers On December 26th last, CPC launched its drive to sell 25,000 catties (a catty equals about 0.6 kg) of selected tangerines, grown in southern Taiwan’s Chiayi County, at 120 of its gas stations around the island. This initiative is the latest practical demonstration of the company’s commitment to supporting Taiwan’s agricultural sector, in line with government policy.

2018-01-04 Taiwan turns in a brilliant performance on two indicators of corporate ethics - and is ranked 2nd in the world. At a ceremony to mark this achievement, the Chairman of the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy (TAISE), Dr. Eugene Chien (Jian You-Sin), expressed thanks to all of the distinguished guests and representatives of business enterprises present for their efforts in corporate social responsibility and their commitment to tackling global environmental issues.