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A sweet deal: CPC sells tangerines at its gas stations to help Taiwan’s growers

A sweet deal: CPC sells tangerines at its gas stations to help Taiwan’s growers


18 January 2018


On December 26th last, CPC launched its drive to sell 25,000 catties (a catty equals about 0.6 kg) of selected tangerines, grown in southern Taiwan’s Chiayi County, at 120 of its gas stations around the island.  This initiative is the latest practical demonstration of the company’s commitment to supporting Taiwan’s agricultural sector, in line with government policy.


The weather in 2017, with few typhoons, was just right for citrus fruit and there was an abundant crop of tangerines. In recognition of all the hard work that growers put into that and help them get it to market, while at the same time encouraging Taiwanese people to consume more native-grown fruit, CPC bought the aforementioned 25,000 catties of tangerines from farmers around Zhuzqi Township in Chiayi County. That amount was broken down into a total of 4,200 boxes, each box weighing around 6 catties (about 3.6kg) and carrying a selling price of NTD 168 (about USD5.40). CPC using 120 of its directly-operated gas stations as a sales channel for fresh produce is one more instance of it taking positive action to support Taiwan’s farmers.


CPC anticipates that many customers coming in for refueling will buy a box of tangerines at the same time, looking forward to enjoying the delicious fruit.


Over the past 70 years or so, CPC has become deeply rooted in Taiwan and has hewed closely to the local culture. The company has made use of its wide-ranging network of gas stations in its considerable efforts to be a caring member of the community; and when it helps farmers to sell their produce – lately tangerines, previously cabbage, bananas and garlic – it does so at cost price, taking no profit. CPC has consistently endeavored to make things better in its homeland and its operating environment: this has included supporting local agricultural development, recruiting disabled people, helping in the search for missing senior citizens and children and maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the restrooms on its premises. The company looks forward to everyone’s participation in activities such as these so that together we can create a warmer and more meaningful life for all.