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CPC launches its ‘Oiltopia’ board game to support Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries

CPC launches its ‘Oiltopia’ board game to support Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries

                                                                                                                                                                                                           23 June 2017

CPC recently debuted its ‘Oiltopia’ board game and corporate mascot figurine – two interesting and educational products that promote interactivity and cultural awareness. To encourage and widen employee participation, the company held the contest heats during the lunch break with the finals – notable for the live-action feature using people as tokens on the board - taking place at noon on 23 June in the lobby of its headquarters building. A contest involving assembly of the CPC mascot toy was held at the same time. Moreover, ‘Oiltopia’ was included in the curriculum of the Green Dragon Creative Summer Camp organized by CPC during this year’s school summer vacation period. The planning of the Camp program provided for each of the 240 school-age student participants coming from Taiwan’s remote areas and/or that were living in disadvantaged circumstances to receive one board game package as a gift from CPC.


There are two main reasons behind CPC designing the Oiltopia board game: one is to be involved in the government's policy of supporting Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries; the other is to encourage positive leisure-time activity. The board game contest not only raised the level of interaction between CPC employees but also stimulated their imagination and creativity in the workplace. The campaign got a sizeable response: there were 58 teams, comprising 232 people, participating in the preliminary rounds. They continued by elimination into the quarter-finals and semi-finals - and then the last two teams made it through to the final.


The rules of this board game are mainly based on its division into five areas based on CPC’s business units - Marketing, Refining, Petrochemicals, LNG and Exploration & Production. Players move around the board according to the content of their picks from the game’s deck of cards - that content being all related to the role of energy in daily life. For instance, if the player moves a number of steps to an operational area then throws the dice and commits to joining in green energy R&D, the number of steps indicated by the dice for the next move will be doubled.


The game’s rules call for there being four people in a team, each of them representing an oil droplet in one of four colors: Red stands for 98-octane unleaded gasoline, which symbolizes enthusiasm and optimism, being good at sports and giving all-out effort to everything it does; Blue is premium diesel, the characteristics of which are integrity, scholarship, professionalism and being a good and reliable friend to everyone; Yellow represents lubricants, which have the qualities of being energetic and wordly-wise, considerate towards all and an excellent partner; White is LNG, good at observation and research, curious about everything. The team that is the first to have all its players reach the end is the winner.


CPC has an ongoing commitment to promoting the shift to green energy, to protecting the environment and to implementing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. The ‘Oiltopia’ board game has been launched to give the public a chance to gain a general idea of the part that energy plays in our lives…and it will be released on to the market through CPC’s gas stations.