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CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) is the foremost energy enterprise in the Republic of China.

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CPC commits to energy conservation and carbon reduction at its gas stations

CPC commits to energy conservation and carbon reduction at its gas stations

CPC commits to energy conservation and carbon reduction at its gas stations

24 January 2017

The CPC gas station is changing: bringing it into the field of green architecture requires both raising the aesthetic element in its design and incorporating energy conservation and carbon reduction. In that context, CPC is already a player in green energy by virtue of having begun the installation of solar power arrays at its gas stations in response to government policy.

CPC has in fact been active in planning and promoting the ‘green gas station’ concept since 2002. By combining pioneering international design elements with mainstream trends, CPC has brought it into a new era in which there is synergy between green-oriented business, the cultural and creative industries and mutual interest in shared financial benefit. As of the end of October 2016, some 20 of the company’s gas stations have been certified as green buildings. It is estimated that ‘greening’ a gas station will reduce its annual consumption of electricity by 10% (3,000 kWh) and of water by 20% (500 m3); while planting its surrounding area can enable carbon reduction to the tune of 1,750 kg of CO2 a year.

Elsewhere in its 612-strong network of gas stations, as well as at 12 of its fuel distribution depots, CPC has replaced mercury-vapor area lighting with LED fittings. This move, completed six months ahead of schedule on June 30, 2016 and based on the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) program for completely phasing out mercury-vapor lamps, has the potential to save 118.8 million kWh of electricity and 0.619 million kg of CO2 emissions annually.

Again in line with the government's aims in energy saving and carbon reduction, this time under its Economic Power-Up Plan, CPC has installed LED or other energy-saving lights in some of its gas station canopies and achieved not only better illumination but also a 70% drop in power consumption. Replacing the existing canopy lights with LED or low-power lamps in all CPC directly-operated locations will be completed by the end of 2017, with the annual saving in electricity consumption estimated at 244.5 million kWh and 127.3 million kg of carbon emissions avoided.

In a further development of the green gas station, CPC has (as mentioned at the start) already set up rooftop photovoltaic systems (PVS) at 7 gas stations to harness solar power. There will be another 100 such PVS installations this year.

For CPC, this is more than about saving electricity. As Taiwan’s primary energy supplier, the company is committed to sustainable development, renewable energy policy and greening its operations.