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CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) is the foremost energy enterprise in the Republic of China.

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Marine Fuel Prices

CPC Corporation, Taiwan
International Marine Fuel Oil Price Schedule
Code NumberGrade of FuelPortPrice (USD/MT)Effective Date
113F 5100700Marine Gas OilKaohsiung6082017/10/18
113F 5100800Marine Diesel OilKaohsiung5932017/10/18
113F 6113000Marine Residual Fuels MF-30Kaohsiung4732017/10/18
113F 6117000Marine Residual Fuels MF-80Kaohsiung4202017/10/18
113F 6118000Marine Residual Fuels MF-180Kaohsiung3842017/10/18
113F 6119000Marine Residual Fuels MF-380Kaohsiung3792017/10/18
113F 5100700Marine Gas OilTaichung6082017/10/18
113F 5100800Marine Diesel OilTaichung5932017/10/18
113F 6113000Marine Residual Fuels MF-30Taichung4732017/10/18
113F 6117000Marine Residual Fuels MF-80Taichung4202017/10/18
113F 6118000Marine Residual Fuels MF-180Taichung3842017/10/18
113F 6119000Marine Residual Fuels MF-380Taichung3792017/10/18
113F 5100700Marine Gas OilKeelung6082017/10/18
113F 5100800Marine Diesel OilKeelung5932017/10/18
113F 6113000Marine Residual Fuels MF-30Keelung4732017/10/18
113F 6117000Marine Residual Fuels MF-80Keelung4202017/10/18
113F 6118000Marine Residual Fuels MF-180Keelung3842017/10/18
113F 6119000Marine Residual Fuels MF-380Keelung3792017/10/18
113F 5100700Marine Gas OilHualien, Suao6082017/10/18
113F 5100800Marine Diesel OilHualien, Suao5932017/10/18
113F 6113000Marine Residual Fuels MF-30Hualien, Suao4752017/10/18
113F 6117000Marine Residual Fuels MF-80Hualien, Suao4232017/10/18
113F 6118000Marine Residual Fuels MF-180Hualien, Suao3882017/10/18
113F 6119000Marine Residual Fuels MF-380Hualien, Suao3882017/10/18